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July Member of the Month

The Cheektowaga Chamber of Commerce was proud to celebrate Mazurek’s Bakery as our July Member of the Month!

In 1933, the bakery was purchased by Mr and Mrs Mazurek who created traditional Polish treats and breads for the residents of Cheektowaga and Buffalo. To give you an idea of the times, the Mazurek’s rented the space upstairs to a dentist for just $10 a month!

Five years ago, Ty Reynolds took over the bakery.  Reynolds keeps the bakery traditional for the staple and regular customers. With the rise of his social media platforms and website, a younger demographic of customers has started coming in as well. Keeping up with tradition, he often suggests items that younger customer’s grandparents would have had in the 30's 40's and 50's.

A favorite among Mazurek’s customers are their donuts. With the same exact recipe from 1933, Mazurek’s is the only area bakery to make the recipe right from scratch. Reynold’s also tries to keep ingredients local whenever possible, helping our Buffalo region to thrive.  You may notice that these donuts look a bit different than what we’re used to. To ensure total customer satisfaction, the donuts are cut completely in half and the filling is spread evenly throughout the whole donut.
This ensures every bite has just as much creamy filling as the next. Back when the bakery first opened, this also saved on purchasing another machine. Reynold’s arrives every morning at 5 a.m. to prep the day’s donuts. Fan favorites include fresh baked loaves of rye bread, poppy logs, and placek, and more!

Reynold’s tries to keep as close knit of a work environment as possible. Baker Bill
has worked with Mazurek’s for 28 years and lives right upstairs. He bakes all the pastries and rarely even uses a timer. His expertise in Mazurek’s traditional pastries help keep the traditions alive. Angie, the front cashier, has worked there for 29 years and greets every customer with a smile. It’s all “hands on deck” during the busy holiday seasons and Reynolds notes how grateful he is to have a huge support system of family and friends.

As our Buffalo and Cheektowaga area is growing, it’s nice to keep traditions and customs that we’ve grown to love alive. You can visit Mazurek’s all year round at the Broadway market, or at their storefront location at 543 South Park Ave. We certainly loved our sweet trip to Mazurek’s and we’re proud to celebrate them as our Member of the Month!


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